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Apple juice: a healthy product, precious to the palate and to health.

Elvira's juice DON'T it is an industrial product with “harmonized” tastes. The aroma, the scent, the sweetness, the turbidity can vary according to the vintage and the different proportions of the apple varieties available.

Apple juice is an excellent drink made from delicious apples, rich in all the nutrients of the apples from which it is made. It can be enjoyed in several ways:

  • excellent drunk fresh as it is or mixed with other juices
  • thirst quencher with water and a few drops of lemon
  • heated in winter and consumed as it is, perhaps before going to bed in the evening or when you are a little affected
  • heated and spiced to make a non-alcoholic “mulled wine”
  • as a natural sweetener in the mixture of homemade desserts


It is produced with meticulousness, attention, with a lot of love and dedication, to make it certainly and irrefutably good.
Taste to believe.