LALLA Natural Laundry Perfume with Lavender Flowers - 200g

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The first ecological laundry perfumer.

You choose how much to perfume your clothes.

How to use?

Pour the product into the washing machine compartment along with the laundry detergent.

How much is used?

It depends on how much perfume you want to smell on your clothes.

From a teaspoon (about 2 grams) to a cooking spoon (about 5 grams) is fine and depends on your taste.

With a perfume jar from 50m to 125 washing machines.

Everyone can use them, even people with delicate skin because we have found the formula to give you a completely allergen-free fragrance.

The essential oils of plants are very natural, they are the pure essence of the plant but… they bring with them some components that our skin just doesn't like: allergens.

Allergens can cause respiratory tract irritation or skin inflammation.

If contact can be avoided much, much better. What do you say?

The Perfume Bucato di Verdevero are made with certified allergen-free perfumes.

Alternative uses of Florals suggested directly by customers

Here is a collection of tips from customers who have found it difficult to perfume their clothes just the way they wanted and with ingenuity they found solutions that I did not imagine:

  1. You can put the Laundry Perfumes in the dryer using a light cotton sock or a sock. Put the floral in the sock and tie the end to keep it from falling out. Put the sock in the dryer with the rest of the laundry and get ready to shower the house with perfume. PS: you can use the same dose for 3 or 4 drying cycles.
  2. If the Laundry Perfume does not dissolve completely in the tray, you can dissolve your dose of Floral in a glass of water and then pour the mixture into the tray with the laundry detergent
  3. If the scent is not too intense, remember that Florals are measurable, add a larger dose to your wash
  4. If you have difficulty dissolving it, try sprinkling the dose of your Floreale directly into the washing machine drum. This operation is very easy if you have a top loading machine
  5. Dissolve the Floral in a dosing ball together with BEipanni, the laundry detergent, and put the ball directly into the drum.


Hydroxypropylcellulose, perfume