Exotic Muesli - 375 gr.

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The Exotic Muesli is an unbeatable mix of energetic ingredients: chocolate petals, raisins, mango and banana chips, quinoa crispies; everything mixes to offer you a rich and nutritious experience, ideal for breakfast or an energetic snack. You can enjoy your muesli in milk, adding yogurt or with fresh fruit pieces.


ingredients: Quinoa crispies (26%) (* Quinoa flour 43% corresponding to 11% of the total ingredients, Rice flour, * Sugar, * Cocoa powder), Flakesoats, * Raisins, * Chocolate chips (* Brown sugar, * Cocoa mass, * Cocoa butter, Emulsifier: lecithin soy, aromas), Flakes oforzo, * Banana chips (Bananas, Coconut oil, Brown sugar, Natural flavors), * Dehydrated mango, Vanillin flavor.
* Ingredients of Fair Trade
° Ingredients from organic farming


Allergens: Contains: Oats, Soy, Barley
It may contain traces of milk and nuts.