Sunflower honey - 500g

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Beekeeping BZ

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For its sweetness, due to the high concentration of glucose, and its light and delicate flavor, sunflower honey is particularly suitable as a sweetener in tea and herbal teas.

Pairings with cheeses: taleggio, seasoned asiago, fresh pecorino

It is an energy food suitable for everyone, composed largely of simple sugars, mostly fructose, well digestible and slow absorption.
It also contains vitamins, in particular C and B, minerals including potassium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus, enzymes and organic acids secreted by bees.


Beekeeping BZ, a small reality in the Vicenza area, works by carrying out the nomadism of their apiaries, this allows us to take full advantage of the blooms that our territory offers, from the Paduan plains to the Vicenza hills, up to the Pasubio mountains and the whole plateau of Asiago.