Mandarins and Turmeric Jam - 240g

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Terra Aqua

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La Terra Aqua jam of Havana mandarins with turmeric powder Remain the scents of the sea of ​​the Strait of Messina that turns to Calabria. The Havana Mandarin is the "root" of the most famous mandarin of Ciaculli (a Sicilian town in the famous Conca d'oro of Palermo). It is a rediscovery of aromas and flavors that recall winter and Christmas. Its flavor is distinguishable among a thousand varieties and has been a rediscovery in the citrus groves of Santo Stefano di Briga in the province of Messina. Thanks to final addition of a hint of turmeric skilfully combined, a slightly bitter note is given to the jam.

How to consume it 
To be consumed fresh or at room temperature. Ideal as a spoon or spread on slices of hot bread, as a filling for brioches or cakes. It goes well with sweet and savory, at any time of the year.
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INGREDIENTS Brown sugar, Havana mandarins with peel and addition of Turmeric (1,2%). Acidifier: Citric acid. Gelling agent: Fruit pectin (citrus) Fruit used: 45g per 100g Total sugar: 60g per 100g
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NUTRITIONAL DECLARATION (average values ​​for 100g) Energy (kJ / Kcal) 1075/253; Fat 0,0 g. of which saturated fatty acids 0,0 g .; Carbohydrates 60,0 g. of which sugars 57,0 g .; Protein 0,6 g; Salt 0,0 g.

Once opened, the jar must be closed and stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 4 ° C for 14 days. The closed jar should not be exposed to sunlight or directly near heat sources.

It does not contain additives, dyes and of course gluten free.