Tricolor Corn Gnocchi - 250g | BIO | GLUTEN FREE

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Pasta d'Alba

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There are dumplings made with organic corn flourbeetroot powderspinach powder, too bio and water, a certified artisan short pasta without gluten and no GMOs.

The flour and the poor beet and spinach used are of high quality, coming from organic farming and the pasta is dried at low temperature for more than 20 hours to allow the best preservation of the original properties of the raw materials.

Even the bronze drawing gives this pasta that roughness that allows the sauces to adhere better to the surface.

To the beneficial properties of corn, a very nutritious food, characterized by the presence of a carotenoid, zeaxanthin which has antioxidant properties and which gives the typical yellow color to the pasta, are added the properties of two powders, that of beets and spinach which complete and make these dumplings even tastier.

Besides being one gluten-free artisan pasta for celiacs, the tricolor corn dumplingsthanks to their properties, they are also suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who wants to discover new tastes and make their diet varied.

We recommend cooking, 6-8 minutes, in a large container with plenty of water and at the end of cooking, before the seasoning, we suggest rinsing under running fresh water as, since gluten is not present, it is necessary to stop cooking.

They lend themselves well to any type of condiment; we suggest simple sauces based on fresh tomatoes or, alternatively, a fish sauce.