Biancoperla Corn Flour - 500 Gr.

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De Tacchi Agricultural Company

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Biancoperla white corn flour ground in an old water mill, as thin as the Vicenza tradition dictates.

White flour, whose name derives from the pearly white color of the cob. It is one of the oldest varieties of corn, having been selected about 300 years ago in the Venetian area.

The polenta made with Biancoperla flour is sweet and elegant and adapts to traditional Venetian recipes of fish, vegetables and cheeses.

Preparation: Cooks in about 40 minutes. For the preparation of a soft polenta, a flour / water ratio of 1: 4 is recommended.

Curiosity: nothing is thrown away from polenta. It is born soft, but if left to thicken it can then be grilled or fried; it can always be easily regenerated by adding boiling water; or you can prepare tasty polenta gnocchi.

What is the Slow Food Presidium?

The Presidia are Slow Food projects aimed at protecting small artisan businesses that produce quality food in full respect of tradition. The production processes of the De Tacchi Company fully reflect the basic conditions required by Slow Food and, moreover, to guarantee the maintenance of a high quality standard, a production protocol consistent with the ideals of the association has been signed.

The Biancoperla Corn Flour, deriving from an ancient and endangered quality of Corn, is protected and recognized as a Presidium.