WICTOR Ecological Toilet Descaler - 500 Ml.

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WiCtor, the ecological descaler for toilets by Verdevero is ideal for cleaning the walls of sanitary ware which over time become encrusted and filled with limestone and yellow and orange marks due to the residues of ferrous minerals naturally present in the water.

It is formulated with 2 natural active ingredients:

  • citric acid
  • lactic acid

The combination of citric acid and lactic acid allow to remove dirt, limescale and at the same time to sanitize the surfaces.

Mentholated scent.

Directions for use

Pour the product directly into the toilet bowl. The curved spout allows you to reach even the most hidden points of the toilet without the risk of coming into contact with the product.

Leave the product to act for a few minutes, but if you wait a few hours the action will be deeper, scrub with the toilet brush and rinse by running the toilet.

The result will be a clean and shiny toilet.


The first thing that catches the eye compared to all other Verdevero products is the color, the WiCtor toilet descaler is in fact the first Verdevero product that contains a dye.

But it does not end there: it is also the first perfumed Verdevero product with a pleasant mentholated scent.

Yes, to make this product we had to go against some of our cornerstones:

  1. No perfume in our detergents
  2. No dyes in our detergents

But we didn't do it for reasons of aesthetics or marketing but for product safety.

In fact, WiCtor has a particular use: it is poured into the toilet, left to act for 2 hours or overnight, it is rinsed simply by pulling the toilet.

And we didn't want to leave a detergent unattended in the toilet without "reporting" it to any users.

The characteristic purple color and the mentholated scent have the purpose of signaling the product present in the toilet to users.


Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Deceth-6, Sodium Coceth Sulfate, Parfum, Ci 18050, Ci 61585, Xanthan Gum.

Because with Verdevero detergents you save

-They are super concentrated and last three times as long as regular detergents

-You won't have to buy gloves anymore, you won't need them anymore!

-They were so good that you just need to use very little.

Then a at the end of the month you will find that you will have spent less or almost the same as traditional detergents.

So you will have natural quality, cleanliness and fragrance at a price within everyone's reach!

Ideal for sensitive skin, children and animals

- tested by independent laboratories: they are hypoallergenic and delicate

- they do not leave chemical residues on dishes, fibers and surfaces

- they do not contain perfumes

When you wash floors or dishes, there are always small residues of detergent that can irritate your baby's skin
or 4-legged friends.

With natural detergents you preserve the health and well-being of your family, do your part in protecting mother nature.
Using a single pack of Laundry Verdevero do your part in helping Mother Nature.


Chemical detergents that we throw down the sink or toilet run out
in aquifers and seas.

Until now it was an unsolvable problem but with natural detergents
you really help nature.
An example? With a single pack of Laundry
saving millions of liters of water from pollution.


As you can see, there is no risk in trying your new natural detergents.
But only to be gained in health, cleanliness and well-being for the whole planet!