"Tanning" box

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WE FOCUS on those foods that contain specific nutrients that the skin needs during the summer and sun exposure:

-FISH, APRICOTS, MELON, PLUMS, CARROTS → I AM RICH in VITAMIN A (beta-carotene), antioxidants that help the skin to tan by limiting damage from the sun's rays to a minimum;

-TOMATOES, WATERMELON, RED PEPPERS → THEY ARE RICH in LYCOPENE, antioxidant that prevents skin aging and protects it from the sun;

- DRIED FRUITS → RICH in VITAMIN E which protects the skin from inflammation, contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are an ally against erythema and skin irritations; 

-LETTUCE, CELERY, ZUCCHINI → THEY ARE VERY RICH IN WATER and MINERAL SALTS they promote hydration, have a detox effect and help skin elasticity.


Inside of:

- MIX FRUIT & VEGETABLES (mixed € 20): 

albicocche, pesche, melone, susine, anguria, carote, pomodori, peperoni, insalata, zucchine, sedano;


- 1 Pc. Roasted / Peeled Hazelnuts - 200 Gr.


- 1 Pz. Gallette di Farro - 150 Gr.

- 1 Cotton Bag