Integral Biofrolle Biscuits - 250 gr.

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Integral Biofrolle are organic biscuits, rich in cereals, mixed with brown sugar, honey and rice flour, which makes them crunchy and light. Whole grains are a source of fiber, while honey adds a boost of energy. Biofrolle are excellent to soak at breakfast or as a snack.


ingredients: ° * rice flour 34%, ° whole grains 23% [° wholemeal flour of wheat (° flour of wheat, ° cruschello di wheat), ° wholemeal flour of orzo, ° integral flakes of oats], ° * cane sugar 16%, °Butter, °Eggs, ° * Whole cane sugar 5%, ° Sunflower oil, ° * Wildflower honey 1.2%, Raising agents (Potassium tartrates, Sodium carbonates, Ammonium carbonates), salt, natural flavoring, antioxidants: ° Rosemary extracts.
* Ingredients of Fair Trade
° Ingredients from organic farming


Allergens: wheattherzo, oats, gluten, milk and derived products, eggs
It may contain traces of nuts, soy