La La Blend Beer (Fruit Ale) - 330ml

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La Blend, one of the last born in the Ofelia house, plays on the marriage, consolidated, between a fresh Belgian Blanche and raspberry, with an unusual addition of lavender. And as in the musical from which it takes its name, the ingredients dance harmoniously and synchronized, creating pleasant aromas of flowers, raspberry and red fruit, with a suggestive note of lavender that binds everything together. In the mouth the freshness of the wheat and the sour touch of the raspberry win, which accompany the drink with a light body, towards a finish of character, slightly astringent and an aftertaste of red fruit and lavender, which lasts the time to take a new sip. 

Raspberry and lavender dance beautifully together and make up this blend of pleasantness and intensity whose alcohol content allows you to drink one glass after another (5% vol.).

Awards: honorable mention Beer of the year 2018 (cat. Fruit ale), bronze medal for Beer of the year 2020 (cat. Fruit ale).

Grado: 5%