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Percarbonate is an ingredient of natural origin very useful for ecological cleaning: it is composed of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. Degreases and whitens without weighing on the planet. Below you will find all the uses you can make of it at home.

How to use percarbonate to whiten laundry

Add two tablespoons of percarbonate to the compartment with the laundry detergent, or directly into the drum of the washing machine. Wash from 50 degrees upwards. Percarbonate releases all its whitening and sanitizing action only above 50 degrees. To get the same results as percarbonate and take advantage of all its qualities even at low temperatures you can browse here .

How to use it by hand on stains

Spread a small amount of percarbonate directly on the stain, moisten with warm water and let it act for 10 minutes. Then proceed with normal washing. In desperate cases you can use the sausage technique. Lightly wet the stained garment, pour a little powder on the stains, roll the garment on itself to form a sausage and immerse it in a basin of hot water (above 50 degrees). Warning: do not use this technique on colored garments, the risk of discoloring them is very high.

How to use it in the dishwasher

You can also use half a teaspoon in addition to the dishwasher powder, to sanitize the dishes and make the inside of the machine clean and shiny.

How to use percarbonate to keep washing machines and dishwashers clean

This ingredient is also useful for the maintenance of your appliances: do a vacuum wash at a high temperature to sanitize and degrease your appliances.


SODIUM PERCARBONATE (Sodium Percarbonate)

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Ideal for sensitive skin, children and animals

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- they do not leave chemical residues on dishes, fibers and surfaces

- they do not contain perfumes

When you wash floors or dishes, there are always small residues of detergent that can irritate your baby's skin
or 4-legged friends.

With natural detergents you preserve the health and well-being of your family, do your part in protecting mother nature.
Using a single pack of Laundry Verdevero do your part in helping Mother Nature.


Chemical detergents that we throw down the sink or toilet run out
in aquifers and seas.

Until now it was an unsolvable problem but with natural detergents
you really help nature.
An example? With a single pack of Laundry
saving millions of liters of water from pollution.


As you can see, there is no risk in trying your new natural detergents.
But only to be gained in health, cleanliness and well-being for the whole planet!