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There are penne made with rice flour and chestnut flour biological and water, a certified gluten-free and GMO-free artisan short pasta.

The flours used are of high quality, coming from organic farming and the pasta is dried at a low temperature for more than 20 hours to allow the best preservation of the original properties of the raw material.

Even the bronze drawing gives this pasta that roughness that allows the sauces to adhere better to the surface.

In addition to being a gluten-free artisan pasta for celiacs, the rice and chestnut penne are suitable for anyone who wants to discover special tastes and make their diet healthy but varied.

We recommend cooking, 6-8 minutes, in a large container with plenty of water and at the end of cooking, before the seasoning, we suggest rinsing under running fresh water as, since gluten is not present, it is necessary to stop cooking.

They lend themselves well to any type of condiment; we suggest both simple sauces based on fresh tomatoes and sauces based on cheese. They are special with ricotta and pepper.


ingredients: Organic rice flour, organic chestnut flour (13%), water.