Sicilian Tarocco Orange Marmalade - 360g

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La Terra Aqua Orange Jam is made exclusively with Tarocco oranges of the Gallo variety. Gallo oranges are rich in essential oil and therefore extremely fragrant.
The peel used in small "zests" almost looks like a small candied fruit, which remains pleasant on the palate and persistent in the mouth.

How to taste it
Spread on an artisanal toast or as a topping for a brioche.
Paired with goat cheese, mascarpone or fresh ricotta.
As a garnish for cream or yogurt flavored ice cream.

brown sugar, Tarocco oranges with peel. Acidifier: citric acid. Gelling agent: fruit pectin (citrus). 
Total fruit: 45g per 100g 
Total sugars: 60g per 100g

Nutritional declaration (average values ​​per 100g)
Energy (kJ / Kcal) 1065/251; Fats 0,1 g of which saturates 0,0 g; Carbohydrates 60,0 g of which sugars 56,0 g; Protein 0,6 g; Salt 0,0 g