Fillets of Sicilian anchovies in olive oil - 80g

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Grandfather Peppino

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Nonno Peppino's anchovies are processed within a few hours of being caught (exclusively in Sicily) and come from traditional fishing. Anchovies are fished during the night, following the phases of the moon. In the dark, in fact, they are attracted by a strong light (lampara) placed on a small boat that is stationed in the middle of the sea; once the anchovies have been attracted under the boat, they are surrounded with a net (purse seine) and fished.

The fish arrives fresh and after organoleptic control, which assesses its quality, it is sent for processing. The anchovies are eviscerated, washed with brine and placed in containers with Trapani or Marsala sea salt where they mature from 3 to 6 months. Subsequently, the salted and ripe anchovies are sent to the filleting, potting, oiling and closing phase. All these main operations are performed exclusively by hand.

Ingredients: Anchovies (55%) Engraulis Encrasicolus, olive oil, sea salt