Ecological Handkerchiefs - 10 Packets

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Delicate nose and also sensitive to the environment? Here is the solution to always keep in your pocket!

1 pack of 10 packs


The recovery process

efficiency, control and cleanliness

3/4 of a regular Tetra Pak® beverage carton are made of cellulose fibers. The containers are fully recyclable thanks to a clean and efficient process that separates the fiber from the rest of the components (polyethylene and aluminum). From what once contained milk, cream, soft drinks or juices we get new paper *.

quality and sustainability

It is a particularly valuable paper, with extraordinary characteristics of softness, resistance and absorbency but what is surprising is the color. 

The raw material from which the paper is obtained must be chemically treated to obtain the classic white colors, while the new Grazie Natural retains its natural color because no dye or whitener is used.

 * a paper subjected to the strict quality criteria provided by the certifications obtained by Lucart SpA (Ecolabel, Emas, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, dermatological test).