Giant Apepak DUO

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APEPAK DUO GIANT contains 2 LARGE food wrappers 40x40 cm, in cotton and beeswax for loaves of bread, terrines, sandwiches, cakes, fruit etc ...

  • Multi-purpose: just wash it in cold water (no more than 20 *) and rub it lightly with a sponge and natural soap. Once dried, it is ready for a new use;
  • Quick and easy to pack the food thanks to the semi-rigid and malleable texture of the fabric;
  • Waterproof and antiseptic thanks to steam sterilized beeswax;
  • the casing is thermo modeled, sealing itself on the edges with a slight pressure and the warmth of the hands
  • Pleasant to the touch, soft and malleable thanks to certified organic cotton GOTS - the highest global quality standard with a sustainable supply chain;
  • Ecological: all the ingredients are 100% biodegradable and with each use you save our planet the corresponding disposable plastic;
  • Ethical because it is produced at L'Incontro Industria 4.0 Social Cooperative Society engaged in the social re-insertion of less fortunate young people.