You must know that we at The Cotton Bag come from a professional path in business realities and therefore we know how important it is to give the best conditions to our employees.

For this reason we have decided to offer you the following services.


The most precious resource in the world is time. Because? Because it is the only one that, once lost, cannot be recovered. We have therefore decided to offer a service for the employees of the companies through which, once the day and time of delivery have been agreed together, we will deliver the shopping ordered by the employees directly to the workplace every week. 

The benefits for employees are:

  1. Free delivery
  2. Time saving and local products, always fresh, healthy and of quality
  3. No obligation to pay frequency
  4. Quick and immediate order through our site

The advantages for the company are:

  1. No costs to bear
  2. No contractual obligations
  3. Offering a unique and quality service to its employees
  4. Collaborate with a project that has its roots in the local economy and that supports small virtuous production companies

Contact us via email at for more information.


A healthy and energetic break in the office brings good mood and well-being among workers, positively influencing their work. This is why The Cotton Bag offers a box of fresh fruit in the office on a weekly basis.

Our proposals include

  • Baskets of mixed seasonal fruit of various sizes according to need
  • Baskets with a single type of seasonal fruit of various sizes according to need
  • Personalized baskets with mixed fruit and other products for office consumption such as: fruit juice, dried fruit, tea and infusions, etc. Also in this case we can make baskets of different sizes according to the needs

Activating this service is simple and non-binding

  • Contact us by email at leaving us a telephone number and an email address. It will be our pleasure to contact you to understand together what could be the most suitable formula for your company.
  • We will deliver the fruit on a weekly basis on the agreed day and time
  • No contractual obligations. Once the service has been activated, simply contact us via email to suspend it temporarily or permanently.

Attention to one's well-being in the office is constantly growing among workers and more and more companies are investing in corporate welfare programs to stimulate healthy lifestyles among employees, hand in hand with productivity.


Are you interested? Contact us via email at for more information. Propose it in your company and put us in contact with those who deal with these initiatives. It will be our pleasure to meet you to present our project and all the details of our services.