"Mother" yeast or "Levì" yeast?

The "Mother“Is an active natural yeast that has been dried at the third refreshment. It should be used directly in flour from 50 to 100 g. per kilo of flour and rising times are around 8/10 hours. An important component of the mother yeast is the rising temperature. Around 24/28 ° C it is optimal.

The "Lievì"instead it is a yeast that replaces the yeast in cubes as leavening times but its use is recommended because the base is always the dried sourdough with the addition of dry yeast (saccaromyices cerevisiae) and malt flour. composition allows you to use the Lievì even with the bread machine, it is very digestible and has a pleasant scent and also it can be kept for a few months (tightly closed by removing the air).
The doses? 20/25 g. per kilo of flour (2 teaspoons per 500 g. of flour).