Consuming without giving time and a way to the planet to regenerate or revitalize at least in part what man uses is now out. You don't need to be a scientist to understand that we need to be more cautious, respectful, careful.

By expanding our consumer awareness we are already helping to improve the world.

Do it too, with taste and beauty. Regenerate your habits and enjoy the revolution.

Find out how with our 8 principles, or watch our video:


1. Promote healthy consumption habits for man and nature

We introduce you to products that we consider respectful and good for us, for you and for the environment in which we live.

We give you clear information and useful tips to reduce waste and make good use of what you want to buy for your daily consumption.

2. Support and promote small producers, custodians of the territory and the foundation of positive relationships

We prefer small producers, environmental and cultural safeguards of primary importance for the territory, from which products of incomparable richness are born.

Knowing them and disseminating them is a choice that has nothing to do with the great economic theories, but has a lot to do with the small practices of social and environmental sustainability. And with the REAL economy.

3. Prefer local products

We choose to buy from local producers whenever possible. Small or large, farmer or craftsman, we take care of the knowledge of those close to us to understand if the quality of raw materials and production processes restore value to the territory in which we all live. Harmonious landscapes and clean natural resources are based on a collective responsibility: of those who produce with attention and respect, of those who buy by rewarding their commitment.

4. Develop relationships of trust with producers

For us, collaboration must be based on relationships of trust. The producers we choose are people we value and with whom we want to share our goals. We put our face to it, we are committed to guaranteeing continuity in the relationship because we also strongly believe in their commitment to supplying quality products. It is important that everyone (us, you, them) make their skills available in an honest, humane, convivial way.

5. To offer our customers a healthy product by preferring natural cultivation and processing methods

We are committed to providing you with fresh and packaged products that meet high standards of healthiness and quality, including the process. We turn to certified organic for fruit and vegetables, we rely on direct knowledge of production techniques to go beyond the conventions. A product made with love not only guarantees a low environmental impact, but is the creator of positive synergies between man and nature.

6. Promote consumer awareness through real life stories

For us it is important that the shopping you do is never anonymous, far from your daily life. We will help you connect with the producers we have chosen. We will meet them for you, we will personally verify the origin of every single product, we will tell you their story. You will meet with us men and women who have achieved great deeds starting from common ideals of respect for man and nature. You will understand the value of what you buy because you will recognize its intrinsic goodness. You will help support more just ways to do things.

7. Pay attention to the environment in all our choices

Every single product and every single producer are evaluated on the basis of their environmental impact. You will find clear references to production processes, to the use of alternative energies, to cultivation methods. Many of our products will be supplied with low environmental impact packaging. Plastic is used where no alternatives have been found to ensure product shelf life, with the commitment to promote new solutions.

8. Acting for a new collaborative economy

We realize that we live within an economic and social system that too often does not give the right value to collaboration, in favor of an economy of economic and social competition: WIN-LOSE.

We prefer to reward good life practices, find constructive compromises for everyone: VINCO-VINCI

In this sense, it is important for us to act professionally to be an effective node between those who produce and those who consume, whether they are private citizens or associations.

We ask and trust, in a direct contact that creates synergies and new ways of collaboration between the actors of this micro-chain of difficult but not impossible things. Let's train together: one day it will all become incredibly simple!