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MIAM-Ô-FRUIT is a fruit, oil, seed and dried fruit recipe that can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. It is a real CELLULAR REGENERATOR that allows to purify, anti-inflammatory and regenerate the body thanks to the high content of fatty acids present among the ingredients. Has effects ...

Lasagna in pumpkin béchamel

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Here is a super recipe that our friend Daniela shared with us from her blog Timo e Lenticchie. Healthy and delicious! Total time 60 minutes Ingredients for 4 people 250 g lasagna Ingredients for the bechamel 1 liter of oat and calcium vegetable drink 120 g of soft wheat flour type ...

Recipe Fregolotta and cantucci

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With the FREGOLOTTA & CANTUCCI flour from Cuore di macina it will be very easy to make both the Treviso dessert and the Tuscan biscuits. Here are the ingredients and procedure RECIPE FOR FREGOLOTTA: Fregolotta flour 500 g. Butter 100 g. Eggs n ° 1 Mix the ingredients, let the dough rest for 30 min. Spread roughly on a greased baking sheet ...

Velvety purple test cap

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Ingredients: 500 g of purple cabbage 350 g of potatoes 80 g of golden onion Pepper to taste 750 ml. of vegetable broth Salt Extra virgin olive oil Preparation: Rinse the cabbage, remove the outer leaves and the hardest white rib. Divide it in half and cut it into strips. Peel ...

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