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If you use a natural product after years of using conventional shampoos, you may run into one phase transition, due to scalp scaling. With conventional shampoos, the scalp produces a greater amount of sebum to counteract all the chemical agents that we bring to it with each wash that deprive us of the natural oils of the hair. When you start using one natural shampoo your head has to get used to that you are no longer depriving it of its natural oils and this can take more than a few days. 

Directions for use:
Once all your hair is wet, turn off the water, and rub the bar of soap directly on the scalp. Then put some water to help create the foam. You will have to get used to understanding how much shampoo to use based on the density of your hair. Do not pass the soap on the lengths. 
Then rinse the shampoo thoroughly and run your fingers through your hair to be amazed at how the soap's natural oils help remove Nodi
After shampooing it is recommended to do a acid rinse (especially for those with medium / long hair), as in addition to rebalancing the PH of the head, it leaves the hair light and shiny. I like to call it the natural conditioner 

Il acid rinse can be achieved withcitric acid or apple cider vinegar (grandmother's method) even if the latter has a greater impact on the ecosystem. 
Before entering the shower, take a glass or a jar of recycled jam :) and put 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid in it. After rinsing the shampoo, fill the glass with warm water from the shower and mix with your finger so that the powder dissolves.
Pour the "balm"directly on the scalp, upside down, on both sides and frontally. Massage a little with your fingers and comb. Leave on for about 2 minutes and then rinse.
With vinegar the proportions are about 1 finger of vinegar 5 fingers of water, which can be adjusted to taste and according to the mass of hair of each of us. The smell of vinegar disappears as soon as the hair is dry.

Short hair:
If you have short hair you may not need the acid rinse.
If you have short and chemically dyed hair, the solid shampoo will restore softness to the hair subjected to coloring acids. 

Medium / long hair
Test your hair to figure out the amount of both shampoo and rinse needed for your needs.

If you are not satisfied with the first wash be patient, try again it could be that you need more or less product, do not give up the first use. For any questions or information do not hesitate to write to me!

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