Az. Agr. Tomezzoli Antonio - Restello

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COMPANY NAME: Tomezzoli Antonio Farm - Restello



NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 2 more family helpers

WHERE: Bovolone (VR) 



"Act well, eat better"

This is the motto of the Tomezzoli family, which collects the experience of three generations in comparison, to collaborate and keep traditions alive by relating them to today's needs.

«At the beginning the rice was collected and delivered to a mill - says Valentina Tomezzoli - then my father decided to focus on the short supply chain, creating a dryer and the laboratory to obtain the finished product, selected and packaged. It was a tribute to the grandmother who worked as a picket girl when she was young, with her feet in the water and mud for hours "

The Restello brand recovers the historical name of the company plot, testified by a map from 1740 that illustrates this cross-section of the lower Veronese area dedicated to the cultivation of rice for five hundred years. A land rich in water, it is one of the few areas in Italy to have the IGP mark for Vialone nano, grown by the Tomezzoli family together with Carnaroli.

The value of sustainability is a permanent guide in a company with mainly arable land that integrates breeding, fruit, poplar groves in its production. Cultivation takes place organically and the circular economy is promoted through the recovery of waste on the farm (broken pieces suitable for food use for flour and biscuits, broken "dirt" and chaff for animal use)

Here organic is not just a production method, but becomes a company philosophy: work in the field, aimed at ensuring a product that is as natural as possible, is accompanied by craftsmanship that uses green energy from the company photovoltaic system and a destination final that promotes a responsible economy, made up of small businesses and local shops, purchasing groups, supply chains oriented towards sustainability.

Az. Agr. Tomezzoli Antonio - Restello

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