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September 21, 2021

In a world that is increasingly attentive and sensitive to environmental issues, ecological detergents are a choice that cannot be ignored. Detergents are among the commonly used products with the greatest environmental impact and among the most toxic in your home. Traditional cleaners contain ...


July 12th, 2021

The summer diet must be rich in everything the body needs to recharge itself after having endured the hassles of winter and spring, so off to VITAMINS, MINERALS, FIBERS, ANTIOXIDANTS that contained all those elements necessary to hydrate, protect the ...

Easter Monday with The Cotton Bag

March 22, 2021

Here are our proposals for the perfect Easter Monday! From aperitif to dessert, put on the table the local artisanal products selected by us. Eat well, eat local! Good pasquetta

How to organize the refrigerator and better store shopping

November 19

Did you know that even a messy refrigerator can be one of the causes of household waste? In fact, a correct arrangement of the food inside the refrigerator can affect its correct storage and also energy efficiency. Fortunately, a few little tricks are enough to avoid food waste. How to best preserve various food products, ...