The Bridge



NAME AND SURNAME OF THE HOLDER (S): Paolo and Marco Negro Marcigaglia



WHERE: S. Pietro Mussolino, Valle del Chiampo, Vicenza



The company, founded by Ernesto Negro Marcegaglia in collaboration with his son Paolo, was born from the idea of ​​creating the first Italian drink based on 100% organic rice.

One of the key points of the company philosophy is to keep ingredient lists as short and as simple as possible. The raw materials are mostly Italian (rice from Piedmont and Lombardy, almonds from Sicily), from outside the border only what is not found in Italy. The Bridge products are born and remain organic since the beginning of the production adventure, when BIO was not yet as requested and recognized as today. And this thanks to the choices of the founding family who decide to remain faithful to their values, to the short supply chain and aim for a production that is as Italian as possible.

At the base of The Bridge products there is the ingredient that makes up 80% of a vegetable drink: water. And it is also here that the difference is made: the water used is spring water, which comes into production directly from the mountains under which the village of San Pietro Mussolino is collected, with excellent chemical and microbiological properties. All products are also 100% vegan, lactose-free, cholesterol-free and for the most part gluten-free. For an enrichment of the nutritional properties, safflower oil is used, one of the oldest crops of humanity and with very special characteristics: rich in unsaturated lipids and vitamin K.

There is no lack of attention to the environmental sustainability of the production cycle. As of this year, all beverage packaging has been converted into the new eco-friendly Bio-Based packaging by Tetra Pak: made with cardboard and vegetable-based plastic, it allows a lower environmental impact and less CO2 emissions. The Bridge is also a Renewable Energy Company: the factories are equipped with photovoltaic systems that produce 4,4% of the electricity needed to carry out the activities, the rest is always purchased from renewable sources.

The Bridge products

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