Elvira Simple Agricultural Company


COMPANY NAME: Elvira Simple Agricultural Company

NAME AND SURNAME OF THE HOLDER (S): fam. Zarantonello. Today the partners in the company are the brothers Luigi and Alberto and Denise Padrin, Alberto's wife



WHERE: San Germano dei Berici (VI)



The Zarantonello family has been running the company with a certified organic method since 1988. For the uninitiated, it should be borne in mind that in those years it was necessary to have very clear ideas to undertake this adventure: the cultivation methods were not yet as well investigated and technically developed as today and still the protocols of the certifications not felt by the Zarantonellos as sufficient to account for and completely protect the living and cultivation environment. The spirit of the company is in fact to adopt the most conservative methods possible, tested and researched over the years, integrating theoretical and technical knowledge, with continuous observation and analysis.

From a small apple orchard and a greenhouse for the production of flowers and seedlings, gradually developing and crossing the paths of new partners, the brothers Luigi and Alberto Padrin, in 2011 a new reality was born with a predominantly wine-growing focus for the production of natural wines in the rustic background of San Germano dei Berici.

The agronomic techniques have therefore concentrated on the vineyards, with varietal and plant design choices that support the conservative tradition and continuous research of the company.

The cellar practices with naturist methods according to the VinNatur production disciplinary finally allow the wines to have a strong territorial imprint, which brings out the typical flavor of the sedimentary-marine rocks of the Berici Mountains and the balsamic scents of the Mediterranean essences that populate.

A photovoltaic system on the roof of the cellar produces all the electricity needed by the company. For the cleaning in the cellar, the irrigation of the apple tree and the preparation of phytosanitary treatments, only rainwater collected from the roof slopes is used.

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